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- Michigan Department of Community Health – STD Division | Amy Peterson

- LGBT Detroit | Curtis Lipscomb 



- Wellness Services, Inc. | Stevi Atkins and Teresa Springer



- Unified - HIV Health and Beyond (Formerly HARC and APM) | Jimena Loveluck and Akilah Benton


About MFierce

Rama Yisrael Arjita

Curtis Collins

Artemis Gorde

Marcos Carrillo

Youth Advisory Board

Steering Committee


  • Created and maintained a LGBTQ+ Youth Advisory Board (YAB) to inform and support with intervention activities.

  • Developed the Health Access Initiative (HAI) which is being implemented in 10 health centers and clinics in the region

  • As part of the HAI, implemented 10 online and onsite trainings on LGBTQ+ cultural humility practices, patient-centered care, and sexual health.

  • As part of the HAI, distributed resources and provided technical assistance to health centers and clinics to improve the services, programs, and environment for LGBTQ+ youth.

  • Developed as a resource website for organizations, clinics, and health centers who engage with or serve LGBTQ+ youth.

  • YAB members completed 26 advocacy, public health, and professional development trainings.

  • The MFierce YAB have presented at 10 different conferences and panels including the:

    • Trans National Health Conference

    • Great Lakes Chapter of Society of Public Health Educators Conference

    • National Conference on Adolescent Health

    • Michigan Primary Care Association LGBTQ Health Summit


• Increase awareness about HIV/STI disparities in the community,


• Promote collaborations between multiple sectors and identifying new opportunities for STI prevention and care service delivery, and


• Create equitable access to HIV/STI sites by aiding young, gay, and bisexual men and trans women (YGBMTW) access culturally humble and sensitive services.

 Michigan Forward in Enhancing Research and Community Equity (MFierce) is a 3-year project funded by the CDC Community Approaches to Reducing Sexually Transmitted Diseases (CARS) initiativeThe Coalition is comprised of staff from the Center for Sexuality and Health Disparities, a LGBTQ+ Youth Advisory Board, and a Steering Committee. MFierce has three goals: 

MFierce project