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There is still gay bashing with a conclusion of no action

Time and Time Again

We still haven’t realized there are runaway, and homeless at-risk LGBTQ youth in Detroit

Time and Time Again

Society still sees our community problems as Volkswagen, and Pinto situations. When it should be took care of as it was a Hummer and Escalade sensation.

In a 2011 Project entitled VOICES my first piece was a release, but who knew it would uncase a domestic raging beast who was just trying to get something to eat

Quoting over and over again

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child

A long way from home, A long way from home, A long way from home

Who knew it would come to past, now I feel like such trash

Wanting to go in the room, close the door, and just give myself a blast

Time and Time Again

They say God don’t make mistakes, but when I get to that point I’m just filled with so much hate

I try to go left, I try to go right

But it seems as if everything gets loose before it gets tight

Why does it feel like I HAVE NO MIC

Time and Time Again

Life is a balance beam, sometimes obstacles and tribulations aren’t always what they seem

Time and Time Again

People steady hash tagging, when they need to be backtracking, to see what the city is lacking

Yes there are multiple killings in Detroit, and yes those criminals are still chilling.

Time and Time Again

When will it stop, when we finally crack up and kill a cop

NO! Why? Because my momma always told me two wrongs don’t make a right

Time and Time Again

I have no diaphragm, I have no vocal cord, and I’m a man who lost his voice

And yes, my people it was not by choice

Explaining yourself to society why you came from a hard knock life

And society not understanding why me as a man, not wanting a wife

I examine my life to figure what I would do different

Time and Time Again

Life can be fractured by the VOICE but sometimes life can leave you no CHOICE

By Curtis Collins.

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